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About Us

About WifeyStuffs

Welcome to WifeyStuffs. A place where you can be yourself. This blog is selfishly dedicated to all wifey and would be wifey to share amazing journey and experiences of womanhood.

I believe in positivity and faith and keeping these two things strong you can win over everything and anything possible and impossible.

So come to join me and be a part of learning, sharing and growing community of woman with true power.

About me

I am Sudakshina better known as Rhea. I am a stay at home mom of three lovely boys with an amazing husband to support me all through. I don’t like to post photos of my kids, though the picture given below reminds me of them.

I hold a post-graduate degree in Social Science and blogging is my favorite hobby besides cooking and shopping.

By the way beside being a Wifey I am also a mother, a writer, dreamer, singer, dancer, fighter,lover, thinker, animal lover, a super cook,daughter, sister, a night owl sometimes, a lazy tortoise, an angry bird, a sleeper, a whimsical queen, a super cryer, a friend, a shocker, and a crazy romantic being.

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